Thursday, December 3, 2009

... this path again

Trapped in a life I can't call my own
wondering if I'll ever feel "home"
in my own skin
the battle begins...
and it rages in my veins
I can't walk this path again.

Walls closing in, I'm trying to breathe
but the air I inhale suffocates me;
plagued by treason
and seeking the reason
so I might understand
why I'm on this path again.

...and I pray

Sometimes the loneliness
overtakes me
and I find myself
dropping to my knees
and I pray
help me thru the day.

My strength is gone
I'm overcome and weak
I know I must hold on
and get back on my feet
so I pray
help me thru the day.

Sadness pulls me down
I can't escape it's grip
I'm on the battlefield
but I'm unequipped
so I pray
help me thru the day.

When the morning light
opens up my eyes
I try with all my might
to conceal my cries
and I pray
help me thru this day.