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BookWatchMagazineReview: Tetterbaum’s Truth by S.R.Claridge
A Best-Seller Candidate Indeed

Your Customer Rating: FIVE STAR Posted on Barnes&Noble
Tetterbaum's Truth is a pleasurable dichotomy of action/adventure and suspense; with a thread of romance worked in just enough to keep tension rising. We follow Angel Martin on a trek of self-discovery where her whole world is turned upside down and every moral and value she ever had is tested in the violent burning coals of Mafia life. What I especially found remarkable about this novel was the authors ability to portray character relationships in a realistic light. She not only connected the players but her audience as well, a task not easy to achieve. I would look for this book to hit the best-seller list in the next twelve months and continue to climb. Fortunate for readers, Tetterbaum's Truth is book one in the Just Call Me Angel series, which indeed means more enjoyment is yet to come. Kudos to author S.R.Claridge and Vanilla Heart. Looking forward to the sequel. Robert Westin - BWM

BookWatchMagazineReview: Traitors Among Us by S.R.Claridge
An Action-Filled Adrenaline Kick

Customer Rating: FIVE STAR Posted on Barnes&Noble
Posted 08/22/11: Rare indeed are the instances in life when the sequel is equally as good if not even better than the first; but this is the case in the Just Call Me Angel series by S.R.Claridge. Book one, Tetterbaum's Truth, introduces us to Angel Martin and involves us on her trek for self-discovery which leads her into the murky shadows of Mafia life. Book two, Traitors Among Us, is nothing short of an adrenaline kick; each page packed with action-filled suspense. The author skillfully weaves the story around each character and takes us deeper into conflict at every turn. This book will keep you up late at night reading and will leave you begging for another chapter in the life of the feistiest Mafia female to hit the literary world. Keep your eyes open folks, I predict you'll be seeing a lot more from this author. Robert Westin - BWM

Monday, May 23, 2011



Mafia Mystery Slays Critics

May 2011 - Author S.R.Claridge does it again with her newest release, book two in the Just Call Me Angel mystery series, TRAITORS AMONG US.

Just Call Me Angel is a Mafia mystery series (by S.R.Claridge and Vanilla Heart Publishing) set in present day Chicago. What makes it different from all the rest is that it centers on a heroine who brings a feminine perspective to an otherwise masculine Mafia world. In book one, TETTERBAUM’S TRUTH, the heroine discovers her true identity and in book two, TRAITORS AMONG US, she steps into her role as head of a Chicago Mob family.

Amazon reviews hail the Just Call Me Angel series as a “riveting story that grabs the reader on page one and captivates him all the way through.”

S.R.Claridge, who’s writing style has been described as a cross between the humor of Janet Evanovich and the suspense of Mary Higgins Clark, smiles and says, “I’m honored to be compared to two of my very favorite authors.”

All S.R.Claridge’s novels are available in ebook and print format at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords, as well as local libraries and Colorado bookstores.

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Sequel out SOON

Book two in the Just Call Me Angel mystery series by S.R.Claridge and

Vanilla Heart Publishing will be available in ebook in June and print in July.

Just Call Me Angel is a Mafia-based mystery set in present day Chicago, but

unlike most Mafia stories, this series centers around one woman; giving a fresh and feisty

feminine perspective.

Enjoy the video trailer to the upcoming release: TRAITORS AMONG US

Look for TRAITORS AMONG US at local bookstores, libraries, online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, OmniLit and more!